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While labelling somebody a nerd used to be an undesirable term, the word has turned into a badge of pride. Actually, lots of people strive to be a geek today. Geek culture has become a part of popular culture and folks rejoice in the concept of being one with regards to their interest in life. To have understanding of what it really means, it may be beneficial to take a peek at its origins.


The term “geek” has certainly changed over time, but it at first meant a fool or a person who was easily fooled. Within the 1900s, this term was implemented for performers at carnivals who are just like the clowns in the present day. It became a expression used for a fool, although one that was normally amusing.

In the 1950s, geeks changed once more. This term was utilized to describe an individual which was unsociable and freakishly dedicated to something. A scientist was frequently believed of as being a geek, even though the phrase might be applied to a wide range of people. At the time, it was not just a compliment to be known as one. One from the very best examples of this word is really found inside a Dr. Seuss book. In his book, “If I Ran the Zoo,” the term describes one from the creatures. Shortly following this time, the first recorded reference was in Newsweek in 1951.

Because of a sharp development of technologies, geek took on the totally different which means. In the 1980s, the phrase started to apply to an individual who had a deep understanding of computers and technologies. This change coincided using the boom in computer use. Many of the people who worked in IT took part in “geeky” activities such as cosplay, gaming, collecting, as well as reading for enjoyable.

Geeks These days:

In the current culture, geek merely means a person who is heavily invested in an interest or hobby. Although as soon as a label to be avoided, people are now proud of the term. One instance is the term “geek chic.” This is a trend that embraces the stereotype of geeky clothes and accessories. Similar towards the hipster look, geek chic is frequently noticed with square framed glasses and graphic t-shirts. Other components of geek culture may be seen within the obsession with sci-fi films like Star Wars or shows like Dr. Who. Entertainment is now catering to geek culture and taste greater than ever before.

This word has even made it into other cultures. In Japan, the term “otaku” is comparable towards the English definition of geek. It describes a person who’s obsessed with anime and manga. People may claim that a person is an otaku about one thing or an additional.

Much like Andy Warhol’s artwork, geek culture is now popular culture. This rise is because each individual engages in their hobbies and also the media with passion. Simply because it shows no indicators of stopping anytime quickly, the typical individual would most likely proudly make reference to themselves as being a “geek” about something. From it’s early beginnings as being an insult to its proud which means today, geek culture has taken more than everyday life.